Time In A Bottle

Brief description:


When Lorelei’s new well taps into the fountain of youth, her once-mundane life entwines with that of Juan, her Cuban well-digger; Winona, a 500-year-old Native American woman; and the legacy left by Ponce de Leon.

Lorelei is a 60-year-old virgin who owns a Miami lingerie shop, eats organic food, and minds her own business. She never considers alternatives to this life until the day her well runs dry, when Juan the well-digger plunges its depths and taps into the flow of hidden water from an underground spring. She attributes her awakening sensuality and increasingly youthful appearance to her healthy lifestyle.


Her business partner, Sharleen, suspects that the water has more to do with Lorelei’s changes than the ingestion of kale and quinoa, and embarks on a campaign to sell it from the shop.

Someone else is interested in this water: Winona, a 500-year-old Native American woman who has been following the spring through the ages in her eternal search for youth, and has lost its trail. She finds it in Lorelei’s back yard, and is desperate to claim it once again for herself.


The story evolves from there, to Juan’s linked ancestry to Ponce de Leon, to Winona’s connection with that history, to the ultimate convergence of all their stories, ending in Lorelei’s recognition that life is measured not in length, but breadth.